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Let Your Spider Veins Be a Thing of the Past

The “web” of dark red or blue veins can impact your self-confidence, thanks to its unpleasant discoloration on the skin.

But at Florida Lakes Spa, we can reduce those veins and make them a thing of the past, through a simple spider vein injection in Wellen Park!

Sclerotherapy Overview

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Treatment Type:

Body Service

Number of Treatments:


Appointment Length:

Approximately 30 Minutes





Results Duration:


How Sclerotherapy Works

Before your spider vein injection in Wellen Park, our provider will numb the treatment area for your comfort.

Then they will inject a special solution, known as sclerosant, into the unhealthy veins. This solution forces these veins to collapse, and your body will naturally redirect blood into healthy veins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spider Vein Injections in Wellen Park

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Florida Lakes Spa offers medical-grade services in Wellen Park to help our clients feel their best in the skin they’re in.

Led by Dr. T.C. Lackey II, our specialists value the opportunity to provide a relaxing med spa experience that enriches your natural beauty.

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