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Less Hunger, More Health With Semaglutide in Wellen Park

You may have heard about semaglutide treatment for weight issues recently on TikTok, or read about it in magazines and online articles.

The results can’t be argued with; semaglutide helps people lose weight. The magic behind the treatment is that semaglutide, when administered in the right amount, works as an appetite suppressant. You will feel less hungry, more full, and be able to resist the urges to nibble and overeat because you quite literally won’t want to!

Discovering the Treatment Best for You

At Florida Lakes Spa, each patient has a unique experience for their unique goals, starting with the first consultation. We customize your treatment plan to meet your needs for an unparalleled med spa experience.

What to Expect: The Consultation Process

What Semaglutide Helps With

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Weight Loss

Excess weight can damage collagen and elastin fibers, preventing the skin from recovering after weight loss.

Diabetes Control

When blood glucose levels are high, semaglutide helps the pancreas release the right amount of insulin for improved regulation of blood glucose levels.

Body Composition

Semaglutide can help improve your body composition through effective weight loss combined with an increase in lean body mass.

About Florida Lakes Spa

Florida Lakes Spa offers medical-grade services and skincare to help our clients feel and look their best.

Led by Dr. T.C. Lackey II, our aesthetic specialists value the opportunity to provide a relaxing med spa experience that enriches your natural beauty.

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