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We love the Florida life. An ocean not far from pretty much everywhere. Sunshine that makes each day feel like a vacation day. Spend a little time here, and the good vibes soak right in.

With all this going on, who wants to spend long hours in a gym toning their muscles? Instead, hit the beach with confidence, dare to wear that dress you’ve been wanting to, and redefine your body’s shape for better confidence with body contouring options at Florida Lakes Spa.

Our Emsculpt in North Port, FL, along with Lakewood Ranch and Sebring, make a trifecta for perfecting your contours to achieve the best look of your life. It offers a double dose of “You look great!” by building muscle and reducing fat at the same time

Plus, we have additional treatments that can make your skin look silky and sexy. Read on to discover the treatments that help you love living your best life.

What is body contouring?

The state-of-the-art technology in our Emsculpt NEO device delivers amazing body contouring results quickly—and surprisingly easily. But if you’re not familiar with body contouring itself, it’s a simple idea. Body contouring, also known as “body sculpting,” is the intentional change of an area of your body for aesthetic enhancement. 

Some examples include:

  • Your Legs. Perhaps you would like your thighs to be more toned, with less jiggle and more firmness. That’s the effect of body contouring your thighs.
  • Your Tush. Maybe that sit-down job and all those great shows to binge-watch have caused your backside to have a bit of a landslide. To regain tone and achieve a nonsurgical, noninvasive “butt lift”—that’s body contouring.
  • Your Arms. Aging gives you perspective! It can also give you “bat wings,” that sagging tissue at the bottom of your upper arms. Undo that jiggle with Emsculpt in North Port, FL.

Your body contouring/body sculpting goals can refresh not only the shape of your body, but also rejuvenate your confidence and self-esteem.

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The Best Shape of Your Life With Emsculpt

In North Port, FL, and its surrounding communities, our Emsculpt NEO treatments provide a way to not only look better, but also feel better. Along with rejuvenating contours along your arms, legs, backside, and abdomen, Emsculpt NEO at Florida Lakes Spa accomplishes the following:

  • Muscle Toning. Emsculpt NEO stimulates muscle contractions for increased definition.
  • Fat Reduction. The treatment breaks down target fat cells permanently.
  • Strength Building. These Emsculpt NEO sessions make target muscles stronger.

Along with enjoying your body’s new contours, you can use Emsculpt NEO as a more efficient therapy to rebuild lost muscle mass and strength. 

Emsculpt NEO Overview

Recommended Number of Treatments:

  • 4 to 6

Common Treatment Areas:

  • Abdomen (core strength, 6-pack)
  • Buttocks (butt lift)
  • Arms (bat wings, improved muscle mass)
  • Thighs (reduce “chub rub,” improve shapeliness)
  • Calves (better contour, balance of leg size)

Appointment Length:

  • 20 to 30 minutes


  • None. Enjoy the treatment and go about your day!

Results Duration:

  • Up to 1 year with a healthy diet and exercise.

How Emsculpt NEO Works

Your Emsculpt NEO treatments are 100% noninvasive and nonsurgical. To accomplish your body contouring goals, our sessions for Emsculpt in North Port, FL, and at our Sebring and Lakewood Ranch locations, start by having you recline on our comfortable treatment table.

One of our well-trained Florida Lakes Spa team members will gently strap on the appropriate-sized Emsculpt NEO paddles to your target treatment area(s). Smaller ones are used for arms/calves, while larger ones may be used for the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Once everything is in place and you’re completely comfortable, the treatment begins!

Dual Energy Delivery for Body Contouring

You get 2-for-1 therapy during your Emsculpt NEO session.

HIFEM Builds Muscles

The device for Emsculpt in North Port, FL, delivers high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) during your treatment. This energy causes super-maximal muscle contractions in the treatment area. Your target muscles get quite the workout, doing up to 20,000 contractions per session! This is the kind of muscle-building exercise that you simply cannot achieve in a regular gym workout—but Emsculpt NEO helps you achieve it within 20 to 30 minutes.

RF Reduces Fat

If you find yourself warming up to the idea of efficient, effective body contouring, that’s because you’re probably enjoying the actual warming effect of Emsculpt NEO’s radiofrequency (RF) energy delivery.

The treatment paddles simultaneously deliver HIFEM energy to build muscle along with RF energy to destroy fat. The RF energy warms up the unwanted fat cells, killing them through a process called apoptosis. Those destroyed fat cells are naturally flushed over time via your body’s lymphatic system—and are gone forever.

Does this mean I’ll lose weight?

When you have Emsculpt in North Port, Sebring, or Lakewood Ranch, FL, we literally kill those targeted fat cells. However, even after your body flushes them away for improved body contours and aesthetics, you can still gain weight. It’s not fair, no, but it is biology.

Emsculpt NEO complements a weight loss program, but isn’t one.

The fact is, the number of fat cells in your body became fixed during your teens. You don’t form new ones, and the ones you have don’t usually go away on their own. When you lose or gain weight, you don’t end up changing the number of fat cells you have. Instead, you change the size of those cells

Emsculpt NEO’s RF energy reduces the number of targeted fat cells. But if you don’t follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen, the surviving fat cells can increase in size, meaning you gain weight even though you have fewer fat cells. Strictly speaking, Emsculpt NEO doesn’t deliver weight loss; it delivers fat loss.

Also, Emsculpt NEO increases muscle mass and tone. Muscle tissue is heavier than fat tissue, so you may actually gain weight as you lose the fat because of the great-looking muscles you’re building.

If you want to combine weight loss with your body contouring, you can combine Emsculpt in North Port, FL, with our medical weight loss program. Our semaglutide treatments can help you lose weight effectively and efficiently, without feeling like you’re starving. Ask about medical weight loss during your free personal consultation

an emsculpt neo device up close in north port fl

What does the Emsculpt NEO treatment feel like?

You might be thinking, “Almost 20,000 crunches in less than 30 minutes? Ouch.” If you were to try and do that in a gym setting, then yes, “ouch” just about sums up the hours of effort for that single workout.

Emsculpt NEO delivers that kind of workout in 30 minutes or less, painlessly. No shoving around weights; no unnecessary stresses on other body joints and tissues. Instead, the target muscles do all the work, growing stronger and looking better.

During your session, you’ll feel a mild and unique “pulling” sensation. This is the HIFEM electromagnetic energy causing your muscles to contract. Emsculpt NEO is completely customizable, so the strength and depth of those contractions can be dialed in to perfectly suit your comfort and your goals.

Along with the gentle tugging sensations, you’ll also feel a thermal increase (slight heating) in the target area as the RF energy increases body fat temperatures. This kills the unwanted fat while leaving all other tissues safe, and it is also customizable for your comfort.

Benefits Beyond Body Contouring

Body contouring enthusiasts of any age love the way Emsculpt NEO redefines areas with hard-to-target muscles, or that have fatty deposits that just won’t budge. Our Emsculpt in North Port, FL, delivers benefits beyond quickly achieving your body contouring goals.

Core Strength

Your “core” is more than a smooth tummy and deleted love handles. Core strength involves several groups of muscles around your torso and pelvic areas, which work in unison to:

  • Provide mobility.
  • Support spinal structure.
  • Keep internal organs in place.
  • Create pelvic floor strength.

Keeping your pelvic floor strong also helps reduce incontinence and aids in sexual performance. Several clinical studies have shown that in the applied treatment areas, Emsculpt NEO averaged:

  • 25% more muscle.
  • 30% less fat in the treatment areas. 

Because every patient is unique, your personal results will vary.

Strength Therapy

We can lose muscle strength due to any number of factors: illness, sedentary lifestyle, aging, hormonal changes, and more. Also, muscles can be loosened by the effects of pregnancy and childbirth.

Emsculpt in North Port and its surrounding Florida communities helps any adult with a loss of muscle strength rebuild those target muscles efficiently for improved strength. From washing dishes to running 3Ks and more, get back your power to live your life with enhanced stamina.

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Is Emsculpt NEO actually painless?

Yes, your Emsculpt NEO treatments are painless. Our patients who choose Emscult in North Port/Wellen Park, Lakewood Ranch, and Sebring feel the warm contractions the device causes, but that’s all during their treatment. Plus, if you do experience any discomfort, we can adjust the intensity levels throughout the session as needed.

After your treatment, you may feel some muscle fatigue in the treatment areas. That’s to be expected, because you just powered through a workout that you could never achieve in a gym setting. Think of it as your victory sensation—and get ready for the results!

Is Emsculpt NEO safe as part of my core fitness regimen?

The multiple-award-winning device for Emsculpt in North Port, FL, is FDA-approved and completely safe for your body contouring and core enhancement. Sure, it can help you build a nice six-pack. However, it can help you regain control over aspects of your core that can make life easier, better, and more fun!

Will I have any downtime after Emsculpt NEO treatment?

No, you shouldn’t need any downtime after Emsculpt NEO. Depending on the custom intensity level of your treatment, you may experience temporary muscle soreness, but that will pass. You may want to pause your regular workout routine for 1 to 2 days after your Emsculpt NEO session for muscle recovery. Also, be sure to eat a proper diet and stay hydrated for the quickest recovery and to support your body as it builds that muscle.

How often can I get Emsculpt NEO?

In North Port/Wellen Park, Sebring, and Lakewood Ranch, Florida Lakes Spa recommends having Emsculpt NEO done once per week, with a minimum of 4 treatments. Many patients have up to 6 treatments to ensure maximum efficacy. 

Your provider will follow your progress. At the beginning of the 4th treatment, we can discuss if any further sessions are needed, or if the mirror and your self-esteem are telling you you’re ready to go it on your own.

How long does it take to see Emsculpt NEO results?

The effects of your Emsculpt in North Port, FL, will continue to show, building upon the previous treatment and then continuing for some time after your final treatment. This is because your muscles will continue to strengthen as your body flushes away the destroyed fat cells. This process takes time, although it is more noticeable with several sessions of Emsculpt NEO. Typically, patients find their best results within 2 to 3 months.

Complementary Treatments

Ready to make your results from Emsculpt in North Port, FL, really “pop” on the dance floor, the dress-up event, or the golf course? Add any (or all) of these to your personalized Florida Lakes Spa treatment plan for overall enhancement. Your mirror will thank you.

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